Pickled Garlic Scapes


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Garlic scapes are the young shoots that grow from garlic bulbs in the springtime. We prepare these unique vegetables by pickling them with dill seeds and chili flakes. They add an attractive and tasty element to charcuterie boards. They are an awesome addition to Caesars and Bloody Marys (don’t forget to add a little pickle brine as well!). We also love to chop them up for potato salad, tartar sauce, and other cold dishes. Of course, you can always count on them as a late night snack right from the jar when you’re craving something a little sour and salty.

Size: 500 mL. We recommend consuming within six weeks of opening for the freshest flavour. Refrigerate after opening.

ingredients: garlic scapes, vinegar, salt, dill seed, dried red chili.

ingrédients : fleurs d’ail, vinaigre, sel, graines d’aneth, piment rouge séché.


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